SCAS Report 2016


SCAS Report – 10th September 2016, Oxford


SCAS was the first outing for many archers on the county team including Alison Gibbons (Compound), Hannah Grainger (Longbow) and Hakkan Hassan (Barebow) whilst also seeing the return of some familiar faces. The team showed off the new middlesex county kit, which received great feedback from all the archers. With bad weather conditions, all the archers struggled at the longer distances with most glad to escape the rain at lunchtime.

The lunch break saw the worst of the downpour which most selecting to hide in a tent or in the oxford archer building where the hog roast was being served and warmly welcomed by the teams. After lunch the rain became lighter as shoot got closer to its end, with the tournament finishing in the dry (typical). The team rallied after lunch resulting in scores picking up as the rain disappeared.

In the end the team did fantastically, with standard out performance from Roger Spillane (2nd, Gents Longbow), Wayne Cross (1202, Master Bowman) and Alison Gibbons who shoot a PB regardless of the conditions.


A big thank you to all the archers who competed including Hakkan, Hannah who stepped in to fill gaps in teams and thank you to Liam Grunsell who with little notice was able to step in for Dominic Collis (London) when his bow broke. If look at those scores and go “hey I could do better” why not send us your tournament scores to:


Maybe next year you could be representing the county at one of the many county tournaments.

Full results can be found HERE and a downloadable PDF

Dominic Collis
Middlesex County Team Manager