County Team


We are on the lookout for great, keen and euthanistic archers in all disciplines to represent Middlesex County at various events including SCAS Intercounties and the National Intercounties held at Lilleshall.


For both indoors and outdoors I will accept tournament or postal league (shot under tournament conditions) scores, requiring a minimum of three scores to be eligible. For outdoors the scores will be converted into handicap and averaged across the 3 handicaps. The lowest will be selected to represent the county.

If you want to represent the county, please send me the scores (Scores, Hits, Golds) and a copy of the tournament results if possible. You’ll be placed into the league tables which can be viewed through google docs.


Q: How do I submit scores?
A: By clicking on the scores link above and sending the score, hits, gold and tournament via email.County_needs_you_image

Q: Am I good enough?
A: Submit your scores to find out you may surprise yourself.

Q: What sort of scores are you looking for?
A: Ideally bowman scores, you can check these using the classification tables.

Q: Can I submit more than 3 scores?
A: Yes, you can, the more submit the better you have of having a lower handicap.

Q: How do I qualify to shoot for the team?
A: Being affiliated to Middlesex county through any of the clubs.

Any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your scores

Mike Parvess
County Team Manager
Contact Email: